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The Wilsonville Subaru No Bull Promise

We think that Subaru shoppers and owners want and deserve a simple, quick, pain-free dealership experience. Wilsonville Subaru will strive to deliver that with several important, guest-focused business practices:

  • We will provide a comfortable shopping and service experience. If something isn’t to your liking, just tell us.
  • We will provide a streamlined service department experience. We will talk to you about everything your car needs or that you want, nothing extra. Our technicians and advisors will be highly-trained and paid to serve you, not to upsell.
  • We will post our lowest possible price right in the window of every new and used car. Our “One Price” is the cash price available to all buyers and doesn’t include additional incentives that may be available to select groups of buyers (i.e. Military or College Graduate Special Offers). Within Subaru’s guidelines, we’ll also make this pricing available online when possible.
  • You won’t have to deal with “closers” or “finance managers.” Our “One Person” is tasked with getting you ALL the information you want and need to make an informed buying decision. Sales Managers are present in a limited capacity, primarily to make sure that your Guest Advocate is exhausting all resources to get you what you need.
  • Your time is your own. If you need more time – or information – to make a decision, know that we’ll respect that and do everything we can to help.
  • We will provide our highest possible offer on your trade-in vehicle and we’ll show you the resources we used to make that judgment. We consider the purchase of your car on its own, not as part of a purchase transaction. So our offer is good whether you buy a car from us or not.
  • We will provide a money-back guarantee on all used vehicles.
  • We will not offer finance products that don’t have a high value for our guests. These include things like “data dots”, “VIN etching”, and nitrogen-filled tires.
  • We will offer competitive finance rates based on guest credit history alone.


Wilsonville Subaru is proud to accept the 2021 Dealer Rater “Consumer Satisfaction Award”


In March of 2007, Dave Jachter and his team launched the very first “One Person, One Price, No Bull!” dealership in the Portland area. There was no other franchise store of its kind in the Northwest. Dave promised consumers a different kind of car experience; one that would shape the way cars were sold.Instead of putting a sales team in between the guest and the car they wanted, he wanted to put the sales team on the guest side of things. He eliminated entire classes of sales employees found in traditional dealerships. Gone were the “closers”, the dealership hammers that were there to wear out guests and preserve profits. Also gone were the finance managers and the painful waiting times that went with them.

The store presented a new kind of sales professional and a new kind of process. The “One Person” piece of the puzzle created a unique opportunity to eliminate the back-and-forth games that consumers really hated when shopping for a car. One highly-trained, professional, and caring Guest Advocate could learn about a guest’s wants and needs and present options for all the phases of a vehicle decision: the car, the personalization, the financing, and the ownership experience.

After nearly 4 decades in the car business, it was clear to Dave that auto buyers wanted information. And they didn’t just want some information; they wanted all of it, right up front, without having to ask for it.

Foremost, guests wanted the price. Not “a” price, but “the” price. They’d grown weary of multiple dealership visits and playing the price game. “If there’s a lowest price you’re willing to sell the car for, why don’t you just tell me?!” So they did. From the first day of operation, Wilsonville Subaru’s sister store posted the lowest price right in the window of every new and used car in inventory.

People wanted to know how much their trade-in was worth and why. Guests wanted to know, based on their credit history, their best rate for financing. They wanted to know how much the accessories would cost and how much they would pay for finance products like service agreements and maintenance plans. So the dealership shared all of that info up front with guests too.

They even shared pricing information on their website; something that no other dealers would dream of doing at the time.

Automobile shoppers in the Metro Portland area – and beyond – took notice. That store quickly began receiving the first of over a thousand reviews online about how great the experience was. The team earned awards like DealerRater’s Dealer of the Year and the Toyota President’s Award. They outsold every other Oregon dealer of any make in their first full year in business.

In the years since that store’s opening, automobile shoppers in Oregon and Southwest Washington noticed a change in car dealer advertising. Commercials were talking less and less about price and “deals” while talking more about guest service experience and reviews. Consumers wanted more and that store delivered while helping to drive this new approach at dealerships across the area.

Now, Dave Jachter brings the No Bull business model to Subaru, one of the most popular brands in the Pacific Northwest. In December 2016, Wilsonville Subaru opened its doors and introduced One Person, One Price, No Bull to a whole new guest base. Our desire is to make a positive connection with Subaru shoppers and owners in and around Wilsonville. Our hope is that you’ll make this new journey with us. Whether you buy or service with us, or just drop in to check things out, we want your visit to be nothing short of excellent.

And that’s No Bull.

Wilsonville Subaru, Providing Service, Quality and Everything In Between to Subaru Drivers from Wilsonville

From before you even walk into our showroom to long after you drive home, all of our guests here at Wilsonville Subaru are guests for life. Being car-owners ourselves, it’s only fitting that we’d provide our drivers with the kind of courtesy, service and respect that we would expect.

It all starts with our extensive lineup of fabulous new and used Subaru models. Whether you’re looking for something for the whole family to enjoy, or something to spice up your daily commute, we are sure to have something in our lineup to suit your needs. And thanks to the car loan and Subaru lease options that are available throughout the year, it’s never been easier to get behind the wheel on your terms.

From there, the experts in our car service and maintenance department will be there to make sure that your vehicle will continue to run as smoothly as it did on Day One. Or if you’re looking do some upgrades with the latest and greatest Subaru parts on the market, you can trust the experts at Wilsonville Subaru cover your automotive needs.

The service never stops once you visit us here at Wilsonville Subaru. There’s never been a better time to drop on by at our dealership here in 9200 SW Bailey St.