When it comes to gifting, adding a touch of humor can turn an ordinary present into an unforgettable one. If you’re shopping for a car lover with a sense of humor, consider these hilarious yet utterly useless “gag” gifts that will rev up their laughter engines. From blinker fluid to hub cap ice cream makers, these absurd automotive-themed presents are sure to put a smile on their faces.

  1. Blinker Fluid Refill Kit

A classic gag gift for any car lover is a “Blinker Fluid Refill Kit.” It’s the perfect way to tease your friend or family member about their nonexistent need for blinker fluid. Of course, real cars don’t need blinker fluid; turn signals don’t use any fluid. When have liquids and electricity ever been a great idea?

  1. Hub Cap Ice Cream Maker

If your car enthusiast has a sweet tooth, they’ll appreciate the “Hub Cap Ice Cream Maker.” It may look like a normal hubcap, but inside, it churns out delicious homemade ice cream. Just add ice, and the ingredients, and head out on your road trip. This gift is about as practical as it is useful!

  1. Turbocharger Whistle

Give them the gift of turbocharged sound without any added horsepower. The “Turbocharger Whistle” is a small device that attaches to their car’s exhaust, creating the illusion of a turbocharged engine when they rev it up. It’s all sound effects and no real performance enhancement. This would sound great on any car made before Y2K.

  1. Car Scented Candles

Car lovers take pride in the smell of their vehicles. These “Car Scented Candles” are a humorous twist on that obsession. With scents like “New Car Smell,” “Gasoline,” and “Antifreeze,” these candles capture the smells of the automotive world without any (physical) engine fumes.

  1. Steering Wheel Desk

For those who often find themselves working on the go, the “Steering Wheel Desk” is the perfect gift. It attaches to the steering wheel, providing a small flat surface for snacks or note-taking. Be warned, do not use the desk while driving.

  1. Car Wash Kit for Model Cars

This miniaturized Car Wash Kit is perfect for model or toy cars that have been sitting for a while and are in need of some extra attention. It comes with a comically small bucket, sponge, and spray bottle, allowing you to detail your toy cars just like meticulous car detailers out there. It’s a reminder that, sometimes, even the tiniest detail matters.

  1. Hula Girl Hood Ornament

Many cars have a hood ornament, and unfortunately, sometimes they get stolen. For someone in need of a new hood ornament, look no further than the Hula Girl Hood Ornament. Turn heads by adding this to your classic Mercedes or Jaguar and roll in style.

  1. Keychain Remote Garage Door Opener

This gift is perfect for someone who already has a garage door opener built into their car. The Keychain Remote Garage Door Opener allows drivers to open their garage door using the built-in opener in their car, with a push of a button from the keychain. This adds one totally unnecessary step to opening your garage and might actually fool someone if it is gifted the right way.

In the world of gag gifts, laughter is the real horsepower. While these gifts may not enhance your car’s performance, they’re certain to enhance the joy of the moment. So, as you celebrate the season, remember that laughter helps make the journey all the more enjoyable.