Christmas stocking filled with small packages
Do you have a few car lovers in your family or group of friends, but you’re unsure what to get for them as the holiday season approaches? Well, from grease monkeys to the new drivers in your life, there are amazing stocking-stuffers out there to make them all jump for joy. Check out this list of car related goodies to slip into your loved-one’s stocking this holiday season:

For new car drivers in your life

Help get them started in the right direction.

Key tracker

To find those darned keys they misplaced again.
Key Tracker on keyring
We all know that young drivers can often be… distracted. That means misplacing things, and there isn’t anything more frustrating than misplacing your car keys when you are trying to leave. A key tracking device could be the perfect solution for a messy driver who isn’t quite used to keeping their keys in one spot just yet. Most of these devices range in price from $25 USD to $40 USD.

Universal Car Mount

Keep their hands OFF their phones.
a mobile phone mounted inside a car
A car mount is a a great way to keep new drivers focused on the road, while still being able to easily access music and maps. Most mounts are adjustable and fit different phone sizes and can easily change position so that the driver can always see it. Universal phone mounts are fairly inexpensive and will usually cost from $10 USD to around $29 USD based off of where it sits in your vehcile (on the dash or connected to the air vent).

Dash camera

…For just in case.
Dash camera in vehicle
A dash camera can make a very handy gift for new drivers. It’s best to get a camera that takes up little space and can record HD video, they can make sure that their side of the story can always be told no matter what happens. Prices on dash cameras vary. Basic dash cameras range from about $29 to $67.

For the neat freak in your life

…or the mess maker in your life.

Car organizational nets

Keepin’ it clean!

There really isn’t better way to keep your vehicle well in-order than to have a place to store all of your extra little things you bring along with you on a ride. A storage net for your vehicle is a great way to help the fastidious folks in your life keep their vehicle in perfect order. A small net for your vehicle will cost from $8 USD to $15 USD.

Mini hand-held vacuum cleaner

A gift that doesn’t suck…but also does.

What could be better than a vacuum cleaner that is small enough to fit in your drink holder or glove compartment? A USB chargeable hand-held vacuum is the perfect stocking-stuffer for those who like to keep their ride nice and tidy. Most mini car vacuum cleaner can range from $24 USD up to around $47 USD.

A pack of microfiber cleaning cloths

They’ll be glad to have them.

There isn’t anything more useful when you need it that a microfiber cloth. Your loved-one will be able to keep both the interior and the exterior of their ride looking sparkly and new all the time. An 8-pack of microfiber cloths usually cost around $5 USD to $7 USD and makes a fantastic stocking-stuffer.

For the show-off in your life

You know who they are.

LED light strips

Feel like they’re in a spacecraft!

What could possibly be showier than a few light strips lining the interior of your vehicle? For those who are looking to make a statement as they drive through the night, LED lights will make the perfect stocking-stuffer. Most LED car light strips are inexpensive and usually cost from $13 USD to $30 USD.

Decorative steering wheel cover

Something to reflect the glow of LED lights?

What turns heads better than a little extra shine? For those in your life who can never get enough attention, gifting bling-covered steering wheel covers for the interior of their ride would make an excellent gift.  These covers are generally flexible and fit most standard sized steering wheels. You can find a blinged out steering wheel cover from $10 USD to $18 USD.

USB multi-port

Multiple devices plugged in at once!
USB multiport for car
With a USB multi-port, your loved-one will be able to keep all their gadgets connected and devices plugged in at once. Whether that means charging their phone or supplying power to all those LED lights, this is a great functional tool to have in your rig. A USB multi-port will likely cost you around $1 6USD to $25 USD.

For the grease monkey in your life

Because you know they have everything they need already in their garage.

Portable jumper cable

For the guy who likes to “start something” wherever he goes.
Portable jumper cable
This is just plain useful to have on hand. With portable jumper cables, you can easily jumpstart your vehicle without having to have another running car right next to it. This is great for those who like to drive long distances or work on their vehicles alone. A basic portable jump starter will cost between $45 USD to $99 USD and goes up from there based on the voltage you need.

Pocket LED work light

Because sometimes work goes on even after the sun goes down.
Portable hand-held work light
You need to be able to see while you work, so what could be better than a portable work light? Not to be confused with a regular flashlight, these small and slender lights pack a powerful punch and can easily illuminate your entire workspace as well as any nooks and crannies you need a clear view of. These usually range from $14 USD to $45 USD.

Bluetooth OBDII Reader

People can do everything on their phones nowadays.

Help make their job a little easier. A Bluetooth OBDII reader is a great stocking-stuffer and allows its user to conveniently read and diagnose issues in their vehicle via a downloadable app on their phone. Basic Bluetooth readers from $14 USD up to $40 USD.

The “tailgater” in your life

For someone who knows a thing or two about a good parking lot celebration.

Power inverter

Nothing is going to stop THIS party.

This handy little device can use the cigarette lighter in your vehicle to create an additional power source with a standard outlet, so that you can plug in and use anything you might possibly need. So, you want to bring your toaster from the kitchen and toast those buns? Have at it. Most power convertors will cost you $18 USD to $39 USD.

A cooler net

Since you know they already have the cooler.
A net for your cooler
This is a great way to keep all of your perishable snacks in the same place, without having to worry about melting ice. This net hangs on the inside of the lid and keeps your food cool and dry. These cooler nets are generally very inexpensive and won’t cost more than $15 USD.

Can opener & beer shotgun keyring

honestly…what else do you even need?
Shotgun can opener keyring
Here’s an easy way to become the life of any tailgate party— be able to open everyone’s drinks. A can opener and shotgun keyring will no doubt be the most useful tool you have on hand. This makes for the ultimate stocking-stuffer and will usually cost between $13 USD to $17 USD.

No matter who you’re shopping for this holiday season, we hope that this list of stocking-stuffers could help spark a little inspiration for the car-lovers in your life. Let us know in the comments below what you think would make a great gift for auto enthusiast in your life!