Wireless Features On Your Acura

There are a whole host of wireless connectivity options in your Acura. 2022 model year Acuras are some of the best equipped wireless vehicles on the market, boasting wireless phone charging, Android Auto, and Apple Car Play to help cut the cord. Here we will help you learn how to use some of these features in the new 2022 MDX. These features are not exclusive to the MDX however and can be used on most models with advanced connectivity.  

Connecting to wireless charging.  

On models equipped with wireless charging you will have a small tray with a lightning bolt symbol on it. This is your wireless charger. If your phone is equipped with Qi wireless charging, this is where you’ll want to place it. Your vehicle will need to be running or in the on position to utilize wireless charging. To activate the wireless charging you’ll have to press and hold the power button on the tray. The light on the tray will begin to blink, indicating it is powered on. When the light turns amber the phone will be charging, when it switches to green the phone is fully charged.  

Connecting to Apple Car Play 

To use your wireless Apple Car Play first enable siri on your phone. Then go to your center screen and select Apple Car Play, select connect phone, then connect new device. Start searching for your device using Bluetooth.  From here just select enable Apple Car Play then accept wireless Apple Car Play on your phone, it should come up in a popup. After that you should be ready to go!  

Connecting to Android Auto  

To connect your Android device using Android Auto first check your version of Android to make sure it is compatible. You will need a version newer than Android 11, and your Android Auto app needs to be version 4.7 or new. Select Android Auto on the center screen then connect new devices. From here hit pair and select your device when it appears. Then select enable Android Auto, and accept the permissions needed on your Android device.