Office Stretches and Exercises

As we transition back into the office after a very long 2020/2021 due to COVID, we would like to give you some tips and tricks to stay loose and comfortable in your work office or work from home setup. We teamed up again with our friend Austin Nolan from West Chiropractic Health and Wellness to bring you some awesome stretches and exercises you can do right at your desk in the from of a video series.

The first video, Austin talks about overall desk setup. From monitor height, chair and desk height, and overall posture, you may be surprised how much this can help you in your day to day work. Check out the full video below to see how Austin demonstrates this.

In the 2nd video, Austin goes over an exercise called a “cervical chin retraction.” This exercise can help loosen up any stiffness in your neck and upper back area due to long hours sitting upright and looking forward. He demonstrates how you can do this exercise right as your desk, as well as assisted with a resistance band to further increase the effectiveness of the exercise. Check out the video below to see him demonstrate, and give this exercise a shot and let us know how it works out for you!

The 3rd video, Austin covers an exercise that can help relieve some tension in your neck and upper back due to long hours bent over the computer and typing away. In this one, you sit in your chair upright, shoulders straight, and grab the bottom of your chair with one arm. On the side you are not grabbing your chair, look to that direction and downwards, at the same time as lightly pulling your head in that direction with your other arm. Hold that position for 5 seconds and then release. Repeat this 2-3 times per side until you feel some relief. Check out the video below for a demonstration on how to do this.