How To Disable Toyota Highlander Rear Glass Hatch Alert

One reason countless drivers love their SUVs, like the Toyota Highlander, is the increased cargo space available. If you ever use your Highlander to move something extra-long like a Christmas tree, sports equipment, even wood planks, you may try to open the rear glass hatch to add additional length. But as soon as you put your Highlander in drive, you’ll be alerted with a repeated chime telling you that you left your Highlander’s glass hatch open. Unfortunately, it won’t stop until you put your SUV in park.

How To Disable Toyota Highlander Rear Glass Hatch Alert

While this alert is important under most circumstances, it can quickly become a nuisance if you’ve left the rear glass hatch open on purpose. To save yourself some sanity, here’s how to disable the Toyota Highlander rear glass hatch alarm.

Step-by-Step How to Disable Highlander Glass Hatch Alert

  • While in Park, open the glass hatch
  • Use a small screwdriver to press down on the latch that holds the glass hatch closed (you’ll hear a click)
  • Protect your glass panel from any sharp edges
  • When finished, press the unlock button to reset the latch
  • Close the rear glass hatch

So simple, right? In just a couple of steps, and you’ll be driving down the road alarm-free in no time.

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