Hyundai N-Performance: Overview

While Hyundai may be best known for the efficiency and safety of their vehicles, they have been eyeing a new market for a while now: High performance. But Hyundai isn’t just taking normal cars and adding a little horsepower, they turn every N-Line vehicle into a certified track monster with a plethora of upgrades both inside and out. Let’s take a quick look at each.

Elantra GT N-Line

Starting MSRP: $27,249

Engine: 1.6L Turbo GDI in-line 4 cylinder

Horsepower: 201

Mileage: 9.7/7.4/8.6L(City/Hwy/Combined)

What happens when you take a compact, sporty hatchback and crank the sport aspect up to 11? You get the Elantra GT-N. Designed to be nimble and fun, the GT gets an improved dual chrome-tipped exhaust, 18” alloy wheels (a definite upgrade from the standard 16”) and custom N-Line leather interior and a bevy of other upgrades that are worth seeing!

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Hyundai N-Performance: Overview

Elantra GT N as seen from the front

Veloster N

Starting MSRP:  $37,799

Engine: 2.0L Turbo GDI in-line 4 cylinder

Horsepower: 275

Mileage: 10.6/8.3/9.5L(City/Hwy/Combined)

If any car in Hyundai’s lineup was destined to be made into a performance car it’s the Veloster. While it features tons of exterior and interior touches that scream “FAST!” the most notable changes are not immediately visible such as an electronically controlled suspension for optimal cornering that can be adjusted at the flick of a switch, custom-designed brakes, six-speed transmission with a new rev-matching feature that alerts you of the best time to shift gears and custom rims the performance features on the Veloster N are something to behold! Check out our blog on the Veloster N

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Hyundai N-Performance: Overview

The Veloster N races along a desert track

Elantra N

Release Date: 2021

Starting MSRP: TBD

Engine: 1.6L Turbo GDI in-line 4 cylinder

Horsepower: 201

Mileage: TBD

What happens when you take a midsize sedan and turn it into a finely tuned performance machine? You get the Elantra N, featuring an Independent multi-link suspension for optimal cornering a lower and a wider stance than you see in a standard Elantra, we can’t wait to get one of these beauties on the lot! Looking to learn more? We have a blog for that!


Hyundai N-Performance: Overview

The Elantra N takes a hard corner on the test track

If you’ve got a hankering for performance these are definitely the cars for you! Stop in and take one of these for a test drive and feel the adrenaline for yourself!

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